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June 17, 2011
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Magtheridus, Hand of Maelforge by psypher101 Magtheridus, Hand of Maelforge by psypher101
Magtheridus, The Hand of Maelforge.

Spawned in the burning heart of the dragon-god himself; the essence of Magtheridus is the very will of Maelforge. His every thought is bent on the desire to see the whole of Telara reduced to ashes. His physical power is rivaled only by his intellect and malice.

Encounter Description: Magtheridus is a unique Rift boss in that he is meant to be fought by both Defiant and Guardian forces at once; his unique Burning Alliance Aura makes him otherwise invincible.

Passive Abilities:

Burning Alliance Aura - When faced by only Defiant or Guardian forces Magtheridus becomes invicible and each attack he lands has a 100% chance to instantly kill his enemies. The mere presence of a single hero from the opposing faction automatically dispells this devastating conditional Aura.

Flaming Soul Aura - All of Magtheridus' physical attacks have a 5% chance to become fire based instead.

Endless Spark Aura - Anyone engaged in combat with Magtheridus suffers 5% additional fire damage if hit by a fire based attack.

The Will of Maelforge - When in combat; Magtheridus' attack power, attack speed, and armour is increased.

Prismatic Magma - When in combat; Magtheridus has a 5% chance to reflect 25%-50% damage from offensive magic spells to the caster. It is recomended that the player have the proper artifacts and planar essences equipped to reduce the damage reflected from his/her own offensive magic.

Active Abilities:

Mantle Crash - 3 phase ultimate attack; Phase 1. World Ender; Phase 2. Scalding Web; Phase 3. Claws of Maelforge. This series of devastating attacks can cause a raid to wipe unexpecedly. All fire damage from Mantle Crash is stackable; death is certain for anyone hit by all three phases of the attack.

World Ender - Magtheridus plunges his fist into the ground, creating a damaging shockwave for ten meters and turning the ground around him into a pool of boiling lava. This attack inflicts massive damage to all melee players within range. Few will survive, the best strategy is to flee and re-engage afterward.

Scalding Web - Magtheridus' World Ender attack causes the earth around him to crack open, exposing rivers of lava for 30 meters in a random pattern.There is a slight warning as to where the cracks will emerge. Anyone caught standing over a crack will suffer fire based damage over time.

Claws of Maelforge - From the exposed rivers of lava caused during Magtheridus' Scalding Web attack giant spikes of molten earth explode up and outward. Anyone caught standing over a spike will suffer physical damage plus fire based damage over time; the player will also be launched into the air and finally suffer falling damage. Anyone caught under a falling spike will suffer physical damage and fire based damage over time.
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yzkethrag Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice.
psypher101 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
NAstyJ Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
this is mega awesome bro and wicked for your folio! love the pools of magma on his shoulders man! :) damn sorry i havent kept in touch more often, you should really get at me on skype man! im on ahardcore training mode atm, wokring on concepts etc etc, and im woring with another friend, we been highly motivating eachother and improving in leaps and bounds! we were gonna set up our own little study class soon enough, study together, share resource, inspiration etc etc.. man you should totally hit us up!! guaranteed skill up in no time bro!
psypher101 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Wow! Coming from a L33T like you that's like the most bad ass compliment ever! Let me know how to hook up with you guys and I'm in for sure. I've been really busy recently working with this new game company called Evil Tree Studios. I went to school with one of the founders and it's basically fallen to me to build up the company's art stock so they can show it to investors. Sadly I'm bound by a NDA so I can't show anything yet.

Where are you working these days?
NAstyJ Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
haha im not leet bro :D

Whoa evil tree studios that sounds awesome man!, i wish i had some paid group to join, i worked with one group beore nad thye were totally irresposible and no pay.. n plus used me lke a mofo so i left :/

Im flat broke man, just tryna teach myself everything since my university flopped :/ Gonna hpoefully get some commission goin next month to get me back on track..
psypher101 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I still haven't seen a check from the studio, but we're starting the company together. The art I'm creating is being used to gather up investors for the project. I'm logging my time and we have a contract. The way I look at it. I'm getting a lot of experience working with these guys since, as of this writing, I'm the only concept artist truly commited to the project. When the funding comes through I will invoice the studio for all the back log of work and probably get myself a nice check in the uper tens of thousands. If not... Then I get to showcase all the designs I created to try and get myself a job for a professional outsourcing studio in NorCal... Or maybe I can try to get a job at Blizzard in Irvine.
NAstyJ Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
that sounds flipping great man! huge prospects and an ambitious attitude man, just the way its gotta be! Im sure you will realise them withe the effort put in! :) Cant wai tto see all the designs stuff man :O
psypher101 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Dude there are quite a few. I started slow, and god knows I hate it when they try to get too "involved" and micromanage my thought process; "Just let me do my thing people! C'MON!"

But seriously, recently I've accelerated my workflow so now I'm turning out 1 design per day. The goal is to completely conceptualize every creature on the concept list before they even get any new artists. That way the new artists are building off of my designs and I can claim the title of "lead concept artist" for the project. This will look great on my resume.
NAstyJ Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
ahh yeah man, from your new work u can see leaps n bounds of improvement, your should start tryin to get yourself in magazines n stuff, yourr work is looking really awesoe bro, perfect hirable skillset! u gonna make it big bro! :D
psypher101 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I sure hope I get a nice gig in the industry. Right now my focus is trying to win some art contests like the Imagine FX forum challenges; The winner of those usually gets shown in the magazine. Another contest is the Gnomon Workshop challenges; Winner of that one gets some instructional DVD's and I could definitely use those.

Ultimately I need to strengthen my portfolio. I'm getting to a point where most of the stuff I'm creating now is portfolio worthy.
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